Valkka is a python programming library for creating video surveillance and management solutions for linux desktop in local area / virtual private networks.

Some highlights of Valkka

  • Python3 API, while streaming itself runs in the background at the cpp level
  • Works with stock OnVif compliant IP cameras
  • Create complex filtergraphs for your streams - send stream to screen, to disk or to your module of choice via shared memory
  • Share decoded video with python processes across your Linux system
  • Plug in your python-based machine vision modules
  • Designed for massive video streaming : view and analyze simultaneously a large number of IP cameras
  • Recast the IP camera video streams to either multicast or unicast
  • Build graphical user interfaces with PyQt, interact machine vision with Qt’s signal/slot system and build highly customized GUIs

This documentation is a quickstart for installing and developing with Valkka using the Python3 API. A Tutorial, a PyQt testsuite and some benchmarking results are provided.

For a demo program using Valkka, check out Valkka Live